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COMING SOON – Winter 2020

SchlossHotel reloaded

SchlossHotel Zermatt has embraced change and reinvented itself. We brainstormed new concepts, renovated and expanded, and these days we are working hard to bring you all new wellbeing experiences. A sneak peak of one - the very first CBD Spa in Switzerland. If you’re curious about what we’ve been up to, here you can find the latest on the renovations, project and our philosophy. Simply scroll down and explore.

sport und wellness hotel zermatt
In the Moment

Stay active. Stay well.

The renewed SchlossHotel Zermatt has wholeheartedly subscribed to the idea of wellbeing, in every single way. Family-owned, we reimagined the holiday experience a step further - refreshingly effortless and unhampered - a truly all-round experience right here in Zermatt. Because movement and relaxation simply belong together for a sense of wellbeing. The CBD Spa at the SchlossHotel and the Zermatt mountainscape invite you for fulfilling experiences, whether they come from inside or out. Alongside nature, the culinary deliciousness of Zermatt is always there to be newly discovered. Because life is there to be savoured. Every single moment of it.

4 sterne boutique hotel zermatt
Our Concept

The art of feeling good

Our understanding of wellbeing - the three pillars of our philosophy.

Simply do what makes you feel good - start the day off with sleeping in then stroll around Zermatt without any strain. Get to know our easy-going staff, capture the culinary realm of Zermatt and take in the beauty of the surrounding mountainscape. Be mindful of every moment and then - simply be.
Stay active
Play, stretch and move. Rev up your circulation. Take in the beauty of the Matterhorn and allow your spirit to take space. On the mountain, slopes, field, in the air or back at the SchlossHotel - with fitness, yoga or meditation. Simply feel yourself. Breath. Stay in motion.
Stay relaxed
Relaxing doesn’t come easy without at least some effort. So that the body, mind and whole moving world can come to a halt, the SchlossHotel with the SchlossSpa by Swiss CBD have prepared many more options for getting you to that sweet state of wellbeing. But one thing is generally true - just being mindful of the moment is freeing.
der erste cbd spa in der schweiz
New SPA – November 2020

The first CBD Spa in Switzerland

Our SchlossSpa, the first CBD Spa, has grown and now covers an area of around 630m2 (approx. 6800 sq ft). With the CBD product range from SwissCBD by the Schibano Pharma Group, the spa is richer by one exceptional natural product. With the CBD herbal sauna, we also inaugurate a diverse range of CBD treatments aimed at getting you oh-so deeply relaxed.

New rooms and suites

Think Zzzermatt

In addition to tailoring more wellbeing-related options for our guests, we also expanded our rooms. SchlossHouse is now a part of SchlossHotel, with its spacious rooms, suites and apartments. Furthermore, we created the authentic SchlossCottage in the centre of Zermatt by merging two traditional alpine barns (Swiss “gädini” cottages).
neues 4 sterne superior hotel zermatt


Fresh, new and sleek. Couples, families or Zermatt-lovers have plenty of room to enjoy in the new rooms, suites or apartments with a balcony or access to the terrace. With small touches full of thought, from a Nespresso machine to the yoga matt, the SchlossHouse is your place to retreat and unwind.

Up to 6 persons

Discover House
Ferienhaus in zermatt
July 2020


Sun-kissed larch wooding and contemporary living. Across three floors, the authentic SchlossCottage provides ample space for freedom-loving guests that simply demand the best and also get it. A serene residence to retreat with full hotel service. An in-house sauna, mini home cinema and a small wooden balcony. In a nutshell, your very own home, right in the centre of Zermatt.

Up to 4 persons

Discover Cottage

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So many reasons to come

Unwind with peace of mind

Why is SchlossHotel Zermatt more than just a place to stay? It’s the philosophy that we live and breath, or the soul of the place, as they say. There’s plenty of soul to be found here, enough to take back home with you… But there are so many more reasons.


The SchlossHotel is centrally located. Extremely central. The train station is close by so is Zermatt’s village centre with its mountain-village charm, restaurants and leisure area.

Active offers

Inside or out, your need for movement has no limits. Whether you’re a climber, high-intensity professional or in-house yogi, Zermatt and the SchlossHotel have the right active program for you.

The first CBD Spa in Switzerland

We are opening our CBD Spa, a haven of serenity here at the SchlossHotel. In addition to lots of space to unwind, classical saunas and steam baths, we have a CBD herbal sauna, relaxing teas and exceptionally relaxing CBD treatments.

Family run

The SchlossHotel has been in our family since generations, run together with our strong team. As hosts, we observed that certain needs never change. The need for balance. A longing for a new experience. The return, because one felt good.


More than the sum of options

Warmth, authenticity, effortlessness and ease: your vacation at the SchlossHotel is more than just a sum of its options. Our guests discover movement and winding down, true authenticity and a revitalising retreat.

Adventure hotel zermatt

Active Explorers

They love: nature, good food and a view. A good night’s sleep, the clear Zermatt sky, the picture-worthy moments on the Matterhorn and stunning alpine horizons. The culinary delights in Zermatt are always a highlight. Staying active at the SchlossHotel itself is provided through the gym and yoga space, and in winter the hotel ski area is open.


You are looking to: relax, first and foremost. A lonely mountain cabin is perhaps too lonely, however, you long for the mountains, the fresh air and no pressure to do something. You want to restore and gladly have new experiences - but easy-going for the love of god! The CBD Spa is just the right place.

Best Agers

You are: middle-age and loving it. Well-being, nordic walking, skiing and overall lots of movement is what you prefer, as well as lots of room to restore and have a wholesome sleep in our new Jensen beds. Warmth for you is not something on the side, but a must - for the heart carries us through life, well after the holiday.

Familienhotel Zermatt


You’re having: family time and a holiday. There are requirements, big and small, dreams and wishes. Uncomplicated family time means going out into nature, skiing or hiking right after breakfast. In the afternoons you maybe go to the pool and make dinner back at the apartment or indulge in Zermatt’s restaurant haven. Family time is best enjoyed in one of our spacious SchlossApartments or the SchlossCottage.


You particularly enjoy: time together and you want to do whatever you feel. Staying active and adventurous, toasting to love, or taking a break to enjoy each other’s company. You want to wine and dine in Zermatt and relax together at the CBD Spa. Our rooms and suites at the SchlossHouse are perfect for you.


You look forward to: surrounding yourself with friends which you feel best with. Time spent together is a gift and brings you closer together. Easy-going and relaxed or active and sporty at the SchlossHotel, discovering Zermatt and out and about in the mountains.